How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

We all want our carpets to look new and pristine for years and like to increase the hygienic conditions of your household. Hence, to maintain your carpets at their best. The first step is to understand how often you should get your carpets cleaned. There are various factors that determine this. For example, some carpets might require regular dry cleaning. And it also depends on your lifestyle and personal preferences. 

Here are some pointers that will help you determine the carpet cleaning frequency for your house. 

How often do you vacuum your carpets?

Regular vacuuming helps carpets to stay clean to a great extent. As it will remove the dust on the surface before they settle deeper into the carpet fibres. Therefore, a combination of regular home vacuuming with professional cleaning is best. A professional carpet cleaning once every 6-12 months is perfect. And you can follow it up with regular vacuuming. Hence, vacuuming every alternate day or once a week is appropriate. 

  • The level of foot traffic at your home 

If you have kids and pets at home, then your carpets are prone to get dirtier. Therefore, it is recommended that you vacuum and clean your carpets – daily or at least once a week. 

If you don’t have any kids and pets at your home. But still have a high amount of foot traffic. Therefore, the vacuuming frequency would be twice a week. And if your carpets experience low foot traffic. Then the vacuuming frequency would be once a week or once in two weeks. 

  • Frequency of allergies 

Does anyone suffer from frequent seasonal allergies in your household? Carpets are one of the reasons behind it. As we understand, unclean carpets have more allergens. And in the worst cases, they develop mould. Hence, this can trigger your allergies and make them chronic. In such cases, it is advised to vacuum your carpets every day. Moreover, vacuum your carpets using a HEPA filter. And get rid of mould growth from your carpets immediately. Hence, you can get a professional cleaning done every 3-6 months. 

  • Light coloured carpets 

It is easy to notice the dirt on light coloured carpets. And this might require more attention and clean daily. Hence, if you have white or light coloured carpets at your home. You can vacuum them twice a week. And get a professional carpet shampooing service once every 6 months. And if that isn’t helping, you can reduce the period to once every 3 months. 

Hence, you can call us for an inspection. And our team will guide you with the cleaning frequency. 

  • Guide for pet owners 

If you own pets, then your carpets might require a little more attention. Pet hair and muddy paws prints can make your carpets look dull.

Vacuuming your carpets twice a week can make things in your favour. This will help to get rid of pet hair and dander that sticks to your carpets. And for pet odours, you can use specialised carpet powders. Get a professional carpet cleaning service once every 3-6 months. Or else the pets will cause carpets to look and feel much dirtier. 

Here is a guide to what mistakes to avoid during carpet cleaning at home 

Firstly, if you choose to clean carpets on your own. Avoid over-wetting your carpets. Or over-use of the cleaning detergents. As this might cause your carpets to lose colour easily. And drying out the carpets can again be a hassle. 

Secondly, do not experiment with different cleaning methods. Carpets come in different fibres and not everything is suitable. Hence, it is advised to contact a professional. As they will guide you rightly. 

How professional carpet cleaning can make your life easier?

  • A professional carpet cleaner deep cleans the carpets. And will remove every dust particle. 
  • They will take care of the mould and mildew growth as well. 
  • Your carpets will get the right treatment. Hence, your carpets will retain their colour and texture. 
  • Moreover, your carpets will start smelling good. 
  • The life span of your carpets will increase to an extent. 
  • Regular professional carpet cleaning will make it easier for you to vacuum every day. 


We hope you understood at what interval you need carpet cleaning. However, if you are still sceptical about how often to get your carpets cleaned. You can always call a professional and ask them to guide you.