How to remove the urine smell from your carpet

If you feel that there is too much urine smell coming from the carpet then you can do something about the same. Pet pee is something that needs to be treated soon. If you let it be then the lingering smell will create issues. If you do not have to potty train your pets then your carpets would be messy at times. You should go ahead with pet urine stain removal from the carpet. Take the relevant measures that will help in removing the bad smell from the carpet.

pet urine stain removal from the carpet
pet urine stain removal from the carpet
  1. You must first make the wet carpet area dry

You must make the wet area dry and for that, you should blot the area and remove the pee as much as you can. If you have already done the process and now you only want to get rid of the pee smell, then you will have to use some other methods. Take a towel and remove most of the liquid.

  1. You need to clean the carpet with the liquid detergent

Now, the next step is to clean the carpet area which is wet and has pee, with liquid detergent. You need to understand that this process will help in cleaning the remnants. But again, the smell might not go away completely. But yes, there will be better carpet cleaning solutions to some extent.

  1. You should use baking soda powder to make the carpet smell free

If you feel that the carpet is having issues like a bad smell then you will have to take the relevant measures like sprinkling baking soda powder over the same. You should keep this as it is. You will see that the smell will be neutralized and the bad smell will go away.

  1. Use vinegar and water spray

You must use vinegar and water spray in the area that is affected by pet pee. Just follow these pet urine stain removal from the carpet and see how that can help you. While you are spraying this on the carpet, you should also gently scrub the same. This will ensure that the problem should go away.

  1. Hydrogen peroxide for pet urine stains and smell

If there is an old pet urine stain on the carpet that is smelling even today then there are so many ways in which you can solve the problem. Use hydrogen peroxide as a means to make the solutions work for you.


There are special chemical solvents too that can help in removing bad smells coming from the carpet. Be sure of making things work the way you want. The above Carpet Cleaning Franklin helps make your task simple. Keep an eye on pet urine stain removal from the carpet and see how they will work well for you. People should live in a house where there are clean carpets and a complete hygienic home. This will ensure that your home stays in good condition and keeps people therein quite healthy and fit in every way. So, try the same for sure.